About Us

We have temporarily suspended all in person worship, events, and meetings due to Covid-19.  We are following the guidance of the Synod, Health Department, and local medical professionals in terms of a return to in person activities.  The Church Council discusses this on a monthly basis.  Please call 989-736-7816 to speak with Pr. Chrisy or leave a message for her or our other staff. 

Please be safe, and stay healthy.  Peace and Blessings to all. 


We are indeed a church in the woods, near the South Shore of Hubbard Lake. A church where we hope you will always feel welcome and experience God’s love in all that we do. A church that is full of spirit and energy. A church that is continually trying to do God’s work with our hands, feet, voices, hearts and minds. A church where you can come as you are…so come, stay for a while and then go out into the world to share the Good News. The Good News of a God that loves us unconditionally and wants us to share that love with others. Thanks be to God!


Announcements for 02-08-2020

All are welcome at the Lord’s Table for Communion! Both wine(dark red) and grape juice(gold)are available to intinct(dip)your communion wafer in.  Christ is fully present in both the bread and the wine/juice.  If... READ MORE