Announcements for 03-15-2020

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For our safety and the safety of those whom we encounter, we have initiated the following changes in our worship practices… Sharing the Peace:  Unless you are living with the person you are sharing the peace with, please verbally share a sign of peace with your fellow congregation members.  (a wave or a peace sign also works). Offering:The offering plates will now be in stationary locations.  During the offering hymn and/or as you take communion, you are invited to place your offering in the offering plate. Coffee Hour:  Please wash or sanitize your hands before getting your coffee hour goodies.  Please use the utensils provided.  Please observe a “if you touch it, you take it” policy. Communion: Our procedure for communion is still in flux, but please note that there will be changes from what we currently do.

Midweek Lent Activities:  Please join us each Wednesday for a potluck at 6 pm, activities beginning with devotions at 7 pm. This week’s (March18) Bible Story will focus on the small still voice.  Midweek Lenten offerings will be split between the Little Free Food Pantry/Library here at New Life and the Sunrise Community Food Pantry

Would you like to attend Synod Assembly?  May 14-16, 2020 in Mt Pleasant, MI.  Learn more about what the Synod does, how our church relates to the Synod and help make decisions for the future.  Registration and Hotel costs are covered, most meals are included.  Please speak with Pr. Chrisy if you are interested.

Sheet Music:  Sheet music has been donated to New Life to be given away.  Please check out the table by the Sunday School room, and take any you would like. 

Don’t forget to sign up to be an usher, reader, coffee hour host or Sunday school teacher!  The sign-up sheets are located above the drinking fountain by the bathrooms!

Please email any announcement items to by 8 am on Thursdays.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

Wednesdays at 7:45ish:  Choir Practice

Thursdays at 10 am: Adult Ed/Bible Study

March 18:  Midweek Lent Potluck and Activities

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