Prayer Concerns for January 2021

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Please add the following people to your prayers: Stefanie, Family and Friends of Mark A., Family and friends of Rob H., Tim, Marion, Chris, Chuck, Aiden, Todd, Jackie,  Eileen, Tim, Nancy, Kristina, Matt, Lesa, Michael, Randee, Barb and Don, Rev. Sherry McGuffin, Oliver, Denny, Kathy, Steve, Chol, Tom, Darlene, JoAnn B. Gail, Paul, Bud, Jeanne, Mary, Heather, Emmett, Elbridge, The Statham Family, Barry, Amy,Thomas, Stephen, Becky, Annie, Doris, Patty, J.; K.; Brandy S., Mark S., ArJay, Laura, Kristen, Charlotte, Kristy, Jay, and Dawn.

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